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IT Fundamentals U61

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CompTIA ITF+ helps professionals to decide if a career in IT is right for them or to develop a broader understanding of IT.
CompTIA ITF+ is the only pre-career certification that helps students or career changers determine if they have a competency for information technology and if it is the right career path for them.
ITF+ is the only single certification that covers all areas of IT foundations, creating a broader understanding of IT making it ideal for non-technical professionals or a path an entry level for a career path in higher certifications as A+
CompTIA ITF+ establishes an IT education framework for students and professionals.

Here is the class outline:

1. Bienvenidos

Apr 4

IT Fundamentals (FC0-U61).

2. Chapter 1: Modules

Apr 18

Motherboards, Expansion Slot and Peripherals

3. Chapter 2: Modules

Display Devices, Video Connectors and Printers

4. Chapter 3: Modules

May 9

Operating Systems

5. Chapter 4: Modules

May 11

6. Chapter 5: Modules

Jun 20

7. Chapter 6 Software Development

Jun 20

8. Chapter 7: Database Fundamentals

Jun 20

Explain database concepts and the purpose of a database Compare and contrast various database structures Summarize methods used to interface with databases

9. CHAPTER 8 Connection Types and Features

May 26

For people to communicate with one another, they need to be connected somehow. It used to be that people needed to be in the same physical location to speak to each other.  The point is computers need to be connected to each other to communicate as well.


May 27

Understanding Security Threats


May 28

12. Chapter 11

13. Laboratorio y Ejercicios a realizar

Jun 2

Tienen hasta el 8 de Junio para entregar estos trabajos, muchos de ellos los vamos a realizar en clases, para beneficio de todos.

14. Videos Educacionales

May 7

Algunos videos explicativos de como trabajar con componentes dePC y su instalaciones.

15. Material de repaso completo de curso

Jun 4

Material de curso en pdf de repaso.

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