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Mobile Phones and Tablets Repairs

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Here is the class outline:

1. Como subir un archivo a la nube (Cloud)

Jun 15

Les presento a través de un video, como subir un archivo a través de una nube.

2. Bienvenida Prontuario

Jun 10

Bienvenidos al curso de reparacion de celulares y tabletas.

3. Chapter 1 : Introduction to Mobile Communication Technology

Jun 20

The student will learn about what is communication today, development of the gsm technology and phone. Digital Cell phones, structure and form factors

4. Chapter 2

Learn how to identify mobile phone components and features.

5. Capitulo 3 Introduction to Mobile Phone Hardware Repair

Jun 25

6. Capitulo 4

Technical Skill-Sets a Technician Must First Master

7. Capitulo 5 Soldering

Soldering is the process of jointing two terminals together.

8. Capitulo Technical Skill and Diagnosing and Repairing Mobile Phone Faults

Jun 18

Diagnosing and Repairing Mobile Phone Faults

9. Chapter 6 Mobile Phone Hardware Architecture

Jun 22

10. Capitulo 7 Hardware Faults, Detections and procedures

Jul 7

11. Capitulo 8

Jul 8

12. Capitulo 9

Jul 9

13. Codigos de telefonos

Jul 14
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