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Excel 2016 Part1

Jeffrey Jusino
Access code required


Here is the class outline:

1. Getting started with excel

Jan 25

Topic A: Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface Topic B: Create a Basic Worksheet Topic C: Use the Help System

2. Performing calculations

Feb 1

Performing calculations Topic A: Create Formulas in a Worksheet Topic B: Insert Functions in a Worksheet Topic C: Reuse Formulas

3. Modifying a Worksheet

Feb 15

Topic A: Manipulate Data Topic B: Insert, Manipulate, and Delete Cells, Columns, and Rows Topic C: Search for and Replace Data Topic D: Spell Check a Worksheet

4. Formatting a Worksheet

Feb 22

Topic A: Modify Fonts Topic B: Add border and color to cells Topic C: Apply number formats Topic D: Align cell contents Topic E: Apply cell styles

5. Printing Workbook Contents

Feb 29

Topic A: Define the Basic Page Layout for a Workbook Topic B: Refine the Page Layout and Apply Print Options 6.Managing Large Workbooks Topic A: Format Worksheet Tabs Topic B: Manage Worksheets Topic C: Manage the View of Worksheets and Workbooks

6. 6. General Review

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