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Art and Design

Photoshop (DMPS 1040, DMPL 1050) AM

Eduard Perez
Access code required

Photoshop is the preferred tool for photographers, designers and visual artists to carry out their work thanks to the wide range of tools and functions it has. With this course you will learn to use this software from scratch, you will understand how it works, its interface and then you will learn about the most basic and intermediate tools. At the end of the cheesy, advanced tools and best practices used by professionals to create incredible images will be presented to capture attention and fulfill the purpose in a marketing campaign

From photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design you can do it all in Photoshop. Bring ideas to life across desktop and iPad. Magically transform images with the power of AI. Learn new skills and share your projects via livestream. Make portraits pop and expressions more expressive. Swap out skies in a click. Remove objects, retouch, and recolor. With powerful editing tools and new smart features for creating magical effects, you can turn imagery into artistry. Combine photos, graphics, and text to create entirely new images. Select your subjects in a click. And play with color and effects to polish any design project.

Skills Distribution

  • basic photo corrections
  • working with selections
  • layer basics
  • masks and channels
  • typographic design
  • vector drawing techniques
  • advanced compositing
  • painting with the mixer brush
  • editing video
  • working with camera raw
  • preparing files for the web
  • producing and printing consistent color
  • printing 3d files

Here is the class outline:

1. Bienvenida

Bienvenidos al Curso de Introduccion a Photoshop 2021. En este curso comprenderas la importancia de conocer las propiedades correctas del diseño grafico en fotos digitales,en proyectos de mercadeo y muchas herramientas que comprende el software de Adobe Photoshop.

2. Prontuario

Nov 30

3. Codigo de Honor

4. Codigo de Conducta

5. Reflexiones

Algunas refexiones ara nuestro diario vivir.

6. Capitulo 1

Launching Photoshop Photoshop color . Introduction to color management. . Calibrating your display . . . . Choosing a color space for Photoshop . . . . . . . . Synchronizing color settings among Adobe applications . . . Customizing the color policies for Photoshop. . . Installing and saving custom color settings . . Acquiring printer profiles . . . Changing a document’s color profile.

7. Capitulo 2 Knowing Just Enough about Digital Images

8. Capitulo 3 Taking the Chef’s Tour of Your Photoshop Kitchen

Taking the Chef’s Tour of Your Photoshop Kitchen

9. Capitulo 4 From Pics to Prints: Photoshop for Beginners

From Pics to Prints: Photoshop for Beginners

10. Capitulo 5 Layers

Welcome to this new section where we're going to talk about layers, and this is one of my favorite topics because I covered a lot of tips, tricks and techniques that completely changed the way you work. I know you may already know a thing or two about layers, but in this section I'm going to show you fantastic ways to improve your workflow. I'll show you how you can make your life easier by approaching tasks the right way.

11. Capitulo 6 Raster Layers

12. Fotos para trabajar en clases

Fotos para trabajar en clases en photoshop

13. Videos Tutoriales

Seccion de videos tutoriales de Photoshop

14. Material para estudio

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