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DMER1100 Digital Marketing Exam Review (PM)

Eduard Perez
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Here is the class outline:

1. Bienvenida

The Digital Marketing course is designed to give students a general background in digital marketing and an introduction to the rapidly growing and evolving career field. Students will be exposed to the fundamental concepts and principles of the digital experience, focus on the learning tools and skills necessary for solving business problems, and developing marketing opportunities. This course will provide practical experience in, but not limited to: eCommerce, media planning, branding, online advertising, display advertising, digital campaigns, social media marketing, and mobile media.

2. Reflexion

3. Prontuario

4. Codigo de Conducta

5. Codigo de Honor

6. Cómo permitir que los sitios reproduzcan videos, animaciones y juegos Flash

7. Como permitir usar el flash en su PC

Aug 8

8. Como subir un archivo a la nube (Cloud)

Jun 27

Les presento a través de un video, como subir un archivo a través de una nube.

9. Go To Meeting- Como una unirse a una invitacion

10. Compartir y mostrar contenido durante una video llamada android

11. Comunicado de Password Technical College

12. Unidad 1 Marketing Management

Aqui encontraras los 3 temas o capitulos que comprenden el Capitulo 1.

13. Unidad 2 Financial Planning

14. Unidad 3 Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

15. Prontuario Digital Marketing Exam Review

16. 6 Steps to Developing A Small Business Marketing Budget

6 Steps to Developing A Small Business Marketing Budget

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