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Software Applications

DMWP 1020 DMWL 1030: Word Processing App

Eduard Perez
Access code required


Here is the class outline:

1. Bienvenida

Jul 28

A skills-oriented course that teaches students document encoding, workflow organization, backup storage procedures, document saving and retrieval, bold fonts, centering, directory organization, pagination, editing, global search, wrapping, justification, columns and tables, typographic fonts, text formatting, proofreading spelling and grammar, and checking.

2. Prontuario

Jul 28

Discusion del prontuario

3. Codigo de Honor

4. Codigo de Conducta

Codigo de conducta de PTC.

5. Presentacion PDF

Aqui les muestro el powerpoint de los primeros 3 capitulos

6. Material de refencia de estudio y practica

7. Ecuaciones matematicas en word

8. Create a Bulleted List

Create a Bulleted List

9. Ejercicios de practica en Salon

Ejercicios de practica en Salon

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